Conferences/Trade Shows


Are you looking to increase your ROI (return of investment) when participating in a conference or trade show?


Do you use giveaways like candy, pens, and other little gadgets that attract people, but don’t encourage time in your booth?


What do you need for the best ROI?


You need QUALITY TRAFFIC that stays in your booth and listens to what you have to offer!

When you offer our services, not only will your booth be the most popular, you will have increased face time with a captive audience.

Tips for increasing exposure to attendees:

Your booth will be known to all in a very short time. As soon as people feel great and are smiling, they’ll tell others the location of your booth. This service is not only unique, it has been proven to give you excellent ROI and a grateful staff who benefit from having more energy and enthusiasm by taking a few moments before or after hours of operation for a personalized session.



Contact Info:

T: 443-386-4348